How to Build Muscles Fast Without Spending Any Money

How to Build Muscles Fast Without Spending Any Money

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Running stairs increases lower-body muscle and strength.

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Building muscle is often associated with images of lifting heavy weights at the gym or at home. However, you do not need an expensive gym membership or at-home equipment to build muscle size and strength. Save your hard-earned dollars and work out using your own body weight, outdoor objects and items you already have in your house.


Take advantage of the great outdoors and save money by taking your workout routine to a park, playground or stadium. Use park benches to do triceps dips, push-ups and V sit-ups and try the monkey bars for chin-ups. Do each exercise back to back, quickly moving from one to the next with little rest in between. Aim to do as many repetitions as you can of each until you fatigue and complete three sets in total. Do this workout three times per week on non-consecutive days.


Use the stairs at an empty stadium, your apartment building or find a few hills in your neighborhood to run up and down. Run up and down hills or stairs at near-maximum effort -- so that you cannot carry on a conversation -- for 30 seconds to one minute; jog back down to recover and repeat eight to 12 times. Hill running builds up muscle in the lower-body, which means strong quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteals. Try this workout one to two times per week as part of your exercise routine.


Eat to build muscle without spending any more money than you typically would on groceries. You do not need expensive or fancy protein powders and/or supplements to gain muscle. Rather, a healthy diet consisting of lean proteins, complex carbs including starchy and non-starchy vegetables as well as healthy fats in moderation can help you gain lean muscle. To gain more muscle, you will need to increase your caloric intake. Try adding eggs or fish with breakfast and having a post-workout snack consisting of protein and carbs -- such as chicken with a sweet potato -- to restore glycogen and aid in muscle growth.


  • Consult with a physician prior to initiating an exercise program or changing your current workout routine.


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