Biceps Workouts - Weight Training Exercises For Big Arms

Biceps Workouts - Weight Training Exercises For Big Arms

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Vary your workouts for big biceps.

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The biceps or biceps brachii consist of two heads running parallel to each other. The short head runs on the inside of the upper arm and the long head runs on the outside of the upper arm. To get big arms, vary your biceps workouts to target both heads of the biceps brachii.

Barbell Curls

The standing barbell curl is the standard exercise for building your biceps. Load a heavy weight on the bar with which you can do six to 10 repetitions with proper technique. Use a shoulder-width grip to target both heads of your biceps and use a narrow grip to focus on the long head. Don't swing your body as you curl the bar upward and keep your elbows tight to your sides. Apply the principle of progressive overload by gradually increasing the amount of weight; once you can perform 10 reps, increase the weight by the smallest possible increment. Do three sets.

Incline Dumbbell Curls

Incline dumbbell curls emphasize the long head of your biceps. Lie on an incline bench set at an angle approximately 30 degrees. Grasp a pair of dumbbells with your arms hanging down on either side of the bench with your palms facing inward. Without lifting your elbows, alternately curl each dumbbell up while twisting your wrists so your palms are facing you at the top of the movement. To emphasize the short head of your biceps, shift your grip so your thumbs are resting against the inner part of the dumbbells. Do three sets of 12 to 20 reps.

Preacher Curls

Preacher curls with an EZ curl bar or dumbbells enable you to isolate your biceps with little possibility of 'cheating' by using body momentum or other muscles to aid your movement. Keep your upper arms pressed against the preacher pad and squeeze your biceps at the top of the movement. Do three sets of six to 12 reps. Preacher curls emphasize the short head of your biceps.

Barbell Drag Curls

The drag curl emphasizes the long head of your biceps. Grasp a barbell with a shoulder-width underhanded grip with your arms hanging straight down and the barbell resting against your thighs. Drag the barbell up your body while pushing your elbows backward. Stop when the bar touches your chest and squeeze your biceps. Do three sets of eight to 12 reps.