Water Aerobic Workouts and Fitness Training

Water Aerobic Workouts and Fitness Training

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Water aerobics makes it easy to exercise 150 minutes a week.

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You know you want to be in better shape but something has always held you back from becoming as fit as you would like. Whether you've felt limited by age, infirmity, weight, painful joints, ability or agility, there is good news. Water aerobic workouts offer an easy, comfortable, low-impact fitness routine almost anyone can do. With just 30 minutes of activity five times a week, you can reap the benefits of greater health and vitality. You don't need any particular athletic talent, just add water.

First, Find A Class

The American Heart Association recommends adults exercise moderately around 150 minutes a week. Water aerobic classes, with their fun and simple exercise routines, make it easy to meet these guidelines. Classes are widely available and you should be able to find a nearby gym or recreational center than offers them by entering "water aerobics" in your computer search engine. Most water aerobic sessions run a half an hour and all you need to bring is your swimsuit and a towel.

What To Expect

A typical 30-minute water aerobic class generally features a five-minute warm-up and cooldown and 20 minutes of vigorous exercise. An instructor leads you through a sequence of moves which you perform standing up or holding on to the sides of the pool with one or both hands. Typical moves include treading water, side bends, lunges, scissor kicks and pedaling. The moves are performed one immediately after another, creating a circuit of low-intensity cardiovascular exercise.

The Magic Power of Water

Even if you are not especially graceful or athletically inclined, you may find you can do things in the pool you could never do before on land. Exercises like lunges and squats are suddenly possible. This is the magic power of water. As American Council on Exercise explains, we weigh 90 percent more on land than in water. The lighter and more buoyant you are, the easier it is to move without discomfort. Even beginners usually find they can complete a 30-minute workout without difficulty.

Create Your Own Water Workout

Any time you are in a swimming pool, you can create your own water aerobic fitness workout. Standing in water no higher than the top of your waist, perform a series of side bends, kicks, and bicycle pedaling moves one right after the other, with no breaks in between. You will move slower through the water than on land. Eight side kicks may take almost a minute to perform. Remember to warm up and cool down for five minutes with gentle stretches and always check with your health care professional before beginning any new exercise program.