How to Tie a Soccer Net

How to Tie a Soccer Net

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Loosely tie the net to keep fast balls from digging holes.

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Whether you are looking to set up a kid-size goal in the backyard or a standard one on a soccer field, tying the net to the frame is probably the simplest part of the job. Other things to keep in mind are net quality -- you don't need professional netting for the yard at home -- and safety issues, such as anchoring the goal to the ground. With everything in place, you are ready to score.


Lay the goal on the ground if you are preparing a full-size goal. This makes it easy to install the net. You'll need at least one adult helper to maneuver the frame safely.


Drape the net over the goal's frame on the outside loosely.


Wrap the edges of the net around the posts forming the frame. Insert a zip tie or Velcro strap through the loops and around the post, skipping every other loop. Pull the tie or strap tight around the frame.


Cut the zip ties' excess length with a pair of scissors, if you used ties instead of Velcro straps. Return the goal to an upright position.

Things Needed

  • Zip ties or Velcro straps
  • Scissors


  • Anchor the goal to the ground to prevent it from falling over. Pad the posts to protect the goalie from injuries if he happens to hit it while going for the ball.
  • Look for nets with small meshes to make it difficult for children to climb. Not only does this prevent damage to the net, but more importantly, it protects kids from physical injury.


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