What if You Hate Exercising but Still Want to Lose Weight?

What if You Hate Exercising but Still Want to Lose Weight?

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Consider the healthiest and safest ways to lose weight.

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It's possible to lose weight with a healthier diet and calorie reduction, but dieting to lose weight without exercising is not the best option for your health. Obese people, sedentary people and underweight people are all at risk of illness and reduced life expectancy. If you want to lose weight but hate to exercise, a better idea is to learn to like exercise. Some ways to do this are finding activities you enjoy, learning to view exercise as positive, subconsciously reinforcing your motivation to exercise and making exercise a habit.

Exercise: There Is Something for Everyone

There are endless possibilities to choose from to get the cardio and strength-building exercise you need for good health. Any repetitive motion that increases your body's oxygen demand provides cardiovascular exercise, which burns fat. Some examples are walking, dancing, swimming, biking and skating. Lifting, pulling or pushing enough weight to put strain on your muscles provides strength-training exercise, which also burns fat. Gardening, carpentry and other weightlifting activities build muscle. Don't give up because you tried some type of exercise and didn't like it. Be willing to try something new, and try different activities until you find something you like. If you haven't been exercising, start slowly and gradually build up to more intense activity.

When You Think of Exercise, Think Positive

Changing your abhorrence of exercise to love, or at least like, can be as easy as changing how you think. The many thoughts that pass through your mind each day effect your health and lifestyle. Positive thinkers are mentally and physically healthier, live longer and exercise more than pessimistic thinkers, according to To get the benefits of positive thinking, pay attention to your thoughts and intentionally think positive statements several times each day about exercise and about other areas of your life you would like to change. An example of a positive thought for weight loss is: “I will exercise regularly to lose fat and become stronger.”

Harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Most people have experienced planning to do something, such as exercise, and ended doing something else. In an article in "The New York Times," studies reveal how strongly the subconscious mind influences behavior and how easily the subconscious can be programmed. Not just your thoughts but also what you hear, smell and see each day is absorbed and interpreted by the unconscious, which then produces urges and motivation to actions and behaviors based on that input. To take control, provide your subconscious with input that encourages the actions you want more of, such as exercising to lose fat. Send the message to your subconscious mind that you should be exercising by spending time around people who like to exercise, reading or watching movies about exercise and looking at pictures of physically fit people.

Make Exercise a Habit that You Can't Break

If you exercised regularly without stopping to think about whether you like it or not, you could easily maintain a healthy body weight. Healthy actions such as brushing your teeth and taking a shower become automatic when you have repeated the same action enough times to form a habit. Sticking to regular exercise can be difficult because, in the beginning, not exercising is your habitual behavior. A study by Phillippa Lally in the "European Journal of Psychology" found that the average time it takes to form an exercise habit is 99 days. Push yourself to exercise for at least 100 days, and you will be rewarded will be a hard-to-break, healthy exercise habit.

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